Seedling Plants

We have been planting the following plants in seedling trays, which is a modern technique of growing plants. The seeds grows in the seedling trays or more health, more cost effective and requires comparatively less time.
1. Chilli
2. Bringle
3. Merigold and Other Flower Plants
4. Papaya
5. Tomato
6. Cauliflower and Cabbage

Benifits of growing plants in Seedling Trays

1.It saves total quantity of seeds. (Via seedling trays it only requires 30 grams of seeds instead of 80 grams Per Acre.
2. Uniform growth of plants.
3.Plants becomes healthy, strong and immune power to prevent virus and other deceases.
4. The plants grows in less time and less expenditure.
5.It saves water, electricity and time to grow plants.
6.It does not need laborious work.
7. We can prepare plants anywhere in the open air even in the home.
8.Transportation of the plants becomes very easy, and does not cause damage of roots in the transportation process.
9. All plants have identical growth and identical in shape.
10.It is possible to prepare plants even in to the worst climatic situations.
11. It is possible to grow more plants in comparatively less area.
12.We can grow any king of plants in seedling trays.
13. The plants grows in seedling trays have strong roots and there growth does not affected when we plant them into the field, It grows in similar manner.
14. Plants grows in seedling trays requires less than 10 days as compared to traditional growings of plants.

Contact Person for Seedling Plants

Kishor Namdev : 09479457796

Seedling Plant

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